Free website SEO check

Few free SEO tools

When major search engines calculate the rank tor a website a number of factors is taken in consideration. One of which is a website quality - number of pages, pages loading time, technical (HTML and CSS code) errors, quality of internal links, mobile friendliness etc. And you don't have to be a specialist to make a


To do this we recommend few completely free tools - no registrations, no trials, no fees or anything. Just enter your website URL and see how good your webmaster is.

Top 5 free online website check tools.

1. GTmetrix

When you open GTmetrix, the first thing you see is "The web should be fast. Google, Inc." We can't agree more. GTmetrix gives your website a score from 0 to 100. An average websites scores 79. Obviously, an average website hardly will reach a Google top position. So, everything below 90 should bring some questions. Fortunately, GTmetrix provides a break down of the score and shows ways to improve it.

2. Google Mobile-friendly Test

Google website mobile friendliness test is a "must-pass" after 21st of April 2015. Not a mobile friendly websites gets a poor mobile search ranking from Google, that is almost a half of the whole traffic and growing.

3. Google's PageSpeed

Google PageSpeed. Yes we do love and respect Bing and Yahoo, however we have to admit - as for today, Google has a vast majority of the search market. That means that out of 10 potential customers, 7 search your products on Google. This is how Google sees your website:

4. HTML validator

HTML validator. Warnings are OK, but please, get rid of those code errors. No (more) HTML errors? Great. How about CSS errors?

5. CSS vlaidator

CSS validator is another tool to clean code errors off your website.

Of course, all above mentioned tools do help, but for a serious attempt to conquer top positions a professional website audit is required.

By ordering a SEO audit from us, you will receive:
  • A detailed report indicating errors in the website promotion, indicating the causes of stagnation of SEO.
  • Correction of keywords with a possible expansion of their quantity.
  • Recommendations for search engine promotion in plan view.

SEO analysis of a site is a complex of measures for identifying errors in website HTML code and the text content of the pages to prevent the growth of website's position in search results. The goal of SEO audit is to increase the volume of targeted traffic: conversion or selling. Adsamartway will perform a professional SEO analysis, which will increase Your sales and increase the credibility of the website.

What is included in Seo audit?
Website checklist

SEO audit conducted by competent experts of our Agency, will include a number of important technical elements:

  • URL section
  • Title and Meta Tags section
  • Image Analysis section
  • Heading Tags section
  • Content Analysis section
  • Code Analysis section
  • Mobile Analysis section
  • Social Analysis section
  • Link Analysis section

The cost of SEO audit

We always adhere to the individual approach, considering each project in terms of its scale and unique circumstances.
For a limited time only, the report is absoulutely free, see the top of the page!

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