Search Engine Marketing

Search network marketing is an advertising about a product or service in the search results or on pages of partner sites. This advertising campaign will allow you to solve a number of urgent tasks to promote the company's website, products or services.

The advantages of search network advertising

A quick result

Search network ads allow you to get the sales growth almost immediately after their placement. To obtain the effect no need to wait 3-5 months, when using methods SEO promotion. It takes a week or two to tune up the campaign, but the first results are seen in minutes.

A convenient choice of time frame

The site owner can easily control the duration of the show contextual ads, launching and disabling it in accordance with the plan of campaign.

The growth of targeted visits

Thanks to contextual advertisements, your website will get a guaranteed gain users from the target audience.

The ability to change the campaign settings.

The customer search ads can adjust the parameters of seasonal or other periodic factors through changes in key requests, change rates, etc.

The types of contextual ads


The ad will be shown only to those users whose parameters match the specified.


Search ad will be displayed for those users who once visited this site.

Advantages of working with Adsmartway

the advantages of wirking with Adsmartway

The availability of modern software allows our specialists to manage advertising campaigns of any scale and complexity, while achieving high efficiency. This is possible by automating the process of tracking changes in rates.

Highly trained specialists

All of our employees are Google AdWords certified PPC experts with years of experience. Considering some team members past employment in Google Adwords Support we've troubleshooted and worked on thousands of accounts.

The cost saving per click.

The better the account was set up, the better it performs, the lower is the cost per click. As a rule we are able to reduce cost per click on average for 20 - 50%. Sometimes more. Yes, we do have accounts, where customers pay £0.01 per click. But that varies from market to market.

How it is managed

A report with key indicators. Every month a report is generated with the statistical analysis of the ads and clicks, amount of expenditure and CTR (the index is the ratio of clicks to ad impressions).

Access for the customer

Through the Web interface the customer can at any time view settings display contextual ads and statistics.

The management of the budget

The customer has the opportunity to impose restrictions on the maximum price per click, as well as to set the boundaries of daily or weekly flow of funds in order to ensure a uniform spending allocated to advertising campaign investment. Search engine marketing always work within set budget limits.

The cost of Search network advertising

Each of the projects advertising campaigns we see on an individual basis, based on the specifics and challenges that are put in the context of promotion. The final budget will be calculated taking into account the level of competition in a given niche, and also the position, which will be posted on the announcement. Given these factors and will form the price for 1 click on each of the requests. In any case, the site owner can decide on the desired limits by adjusting the value of material investments in accordance with their capabilities.

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