Display Network Advertising

To the product or service to be in demand, you need to be able to advertise it. Previously enjoyed great popularity, billboards, ads on TV, in newspapers and so on. Today mass popularity and development receives media advertising. Media advertising is that advertisements which are posted on major Internet portals (thematic resources) with a large attendance. The most successful examples of media advertising can be dynamic and static banners, graphics and text blocks, press releases, as well as flash videos.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

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Why banner advertising is so popular? The answer is simple – it is effective. The purpose of media advertising to let people know about yourself in a fairly short period of time, with maximum efficiency. And to achieve this really easily - on a condition, of course, that it is placed in the right place at the right time. The effect of media advertising is viral – quickly and massively.

A distinctive sign of quality advertising is its visual appeal which is properly combined with high information content. That is, it should not be just beautifully painted banner, not containing sufficient information, it must be properly designed graphically the object as accurately reflecting the nature of the advertised product or service.

The ad should be able to attract the views, Internet users should want to read it, click it, follow the link - to achieve that is a true art, not subject to anyone. If we talk about a press release or any other article advertising, it must be rich with information and competent, not only by the rules of the English language, but also taking into account the rules and trends that dictates the Internet.

It should also be noted that it is not enough just to make a banner, flash movie or write a press release. The placement is very important as well. For example, to advertise diet pills on the website about cars is not entirely appropriate – such ads are unsuccessful. But to advertise these pills on the websites for healthy eating will be most welcome.

We at Adsmartway take into account all of these rules when plan and manage a display network advertising campaign.

Create a recognisable image

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Media advertising is indispensable to create a recognisable image, it is one of most effective advertisements. Support and promotion of the brand for this type of advertising is a more natural task than increasing sales. Media advertising is very user-friendly for the target audience, easy to understand product descriptions.
Banner as an advertising tool has extraordinary capacity, accuracy of expression, the focus of the advertising message. The form of the banner, its content, the quality of exposure have many options, which also gives it a great advantage over other forms of advertising.

The details and statistics

The display network advertising requires a top quality websites. To put it mildly, the website should be no worse than the banner which it advertises. Otherwise visitors go to the website link in the banner, and immediately bounce back, disappointed. As well, a serious analysis needs to be performed on sites that will host banners. The sites that visitors do not trust, will reduce the credibility of advertising banners, affecting the brand advertised.

Media advertising is very convenient for statistical purposes, as its effectiveness is easy to track and calculate. On average, its efficiency is about 11% and this is about one percent lower than Search network advertising. Display network campaigns takes longer time to tune up, but enjoys lower cost per click.

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