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  • want to improve your advertising campaign
  • to reduce the cost of customer acquisition
  • to increase the return on investment from the "paid ads"?

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Adsmartway qualities

All our PPC specialists are Google Adwords certified.
PPC department manager - ex-Google Adwords Quality Reviewer.
Every customer gets a personal manager. Every manager has no more than 10 projects simultaneously.
That ensures a truly personal approach to a customer.

How a price-based advertising works and how to make it cheaper?

We choose keywords from your website, that potential customers of your business type in the search bar. We set the maximum bid for a click (not for an impression!). In response to this contextual advertising system asesses the website and advertising account qualities, compares it to competitors and calculates the actual cost of click.

Is it possible to get a better price per click?

Absolutely. For this your website and your Adwords account manager must be better than ones your competitors have.

How can I achieve this?

If you want to make advertising cheaper, contact the professionals.
Only a professional knows a lot of techniques to advertise cheaper than market average by 20-30%. Sometimes contextual advertising helps reduce the cost of the lead 2 times and more. And make sure your website is not letting you down. Do a quick free check if it needs to be fixed or improved.

trust professionals!

Why you need to delegate the PPC management to professionals?

Only a professional will be able to get the most out of your advertising budget. PPC advertising is a service, the cost of which hugely depends on the quality. The higher the quality, the lower the price. And vice versa.
A most illustrative example would be a piano or a violin - absolutely useless objects for many people, however, a musician is able to play the nice tunes with it.
A powerful system of price controls and ad ranking that we have allow us to win the bidding in the auction for you at the lowest price. Tracking the effectiveness of each keyword in Google Analytics is a painstaking daily analytical work, which allows us to achieve greater value from your advertising without increasing your budget.
Our PPC experts quickly and efficiently conduct a comprehensive audit of your advertising campaigns in Google AdWords and Bing Adcenter. There are no errors? We honestly tell you about it. If there is a room for an improvement, we will help to make the advertising campaign the most efficient for your business!

Why to order paid advertising in Adsmartway?

Our goal is to achieve your business results. We provide calls and customers, not clicks and impressions.
An ideal task for us from you is: "We want to get N calls from our website at the price of £X of attracting each one."How do you improve paid ads?

Weekly test and optimize the texts of your ads for maximum CTR (ad clickability) and lowest CPC (cost per click).
Analyze the number and cost of conversion of keywords into all advertising systems and provide recommendations to increase efficiency at all levels: systems, campaigns, keywords and ad text (via Google Analytics).
Weekly reporting on the work done and results achieved.
Minimum budget per month applies (depends on a market).

Adsmartway - PPC agency in Milton Keynes

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