How to choose a good hosting

without making expensive mistakes.

The hosting is a storage space that you rent on a server in the Internet, the files of your website will be located there. The lease term may be different, as a rule, the minimum term is 1 month, but the maximum term depends on your investment. How to choose a hosting? Typically, the choice of hosting depends on your purposes. Hosting can be paid and free. Free hosting is suitable for training, i.e. to work with the website setup, connecting your domain, etc.

how to choose a good hostingThe choice of free hosting for a good, promising projects is not sustainable. Typically this hosting service has some limitations, and mandatory when using it, is the placement of advertising on your site(proposed advertisement can be different: links, banners, etc.), because we need the owners to recapture the money spent on server rent, electricity etc.

So, for a serious project it is better to choose hosting on a paid basis, even small money van buy a decent hosting. Paid hosting usually has a more convenient control panel, a better support and a more stable service. Typically, in order to choose a good hosting service , pay attention to the following factors:
How much space is needed for the site. There are different tariffs, from 10 megabytes to tens of gigabytes. So clearly decide how much space You need. What technologies must support the server. Example: php, mysql, etc. If You do the simplest static site in html, then you can choose a very basic hosting, and save some money. For a more complicated website check provider's technical data. If you are going to post on this hosting multiple websites, please note that if this is possible, and if possible, how many domains you can host. Usually at different rates, the number of sites varies from 1 to 10, some providers offer unlimited domains. Pay attention to traffic restrictions. It is desirable that it was unlimited, because when uour website will start to gain momentum, you will be quite limited with this hosting service.

And of course, when choosing a good web host, you must look at the appearance of the site, providing hosting services. The better it is made, usually better the service. Pay attention to the contact details and support team. A physical address must be present, otherwise it looks suspicious.

good cheap uk hostingThere are several myths that tell us about the bad hosters. For example, resellers would be a bad choice, and it is better to choose hosting with own material base. In fact, it is not that important. Besides, resellers do exceptional market research before taking a decision of co-operating with this or that providers. Another myth is that you should choose local hostings, because the signal will be transmitted faster. In fact, his transfer takes little time, however the server response time is measured in seconds, so cheap UK hosting fails comparing to quality datacenter in Amsterdam. If there is a popular foreign hosting with good rates – why not to choose?

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